Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nero's guest

When Nero at Rome gave a party and used human flesh to lighten the party garden . It’s been told that those human bodies are of branded culprits and who got sentences !

All the historians are interested to know who were Nero’s guest as they are the people who shared the joy with Nero ! they were elites of Rome ,the senators ,the intellectuals (hired or can be hired at any rate !) and no doubt the Bourgeoisie civil society members

They must be delighted as those lights were been lit by convicted persons'(!) body but how we digest innocent body burning with music ,laughter & celebration ? ! I belive we are way ahead than Nero’s guests … 

Joyotu Bangladesh tui sotiyei bichitro !

P.S: I better be a Nero’s guest than a member of civil society of Bangladesh !

Friday, November 8, 2013

Everyone has right to practice democracy by awarding misery for people …

Both the ruling part and the opposition has one thing very common that one would like to be in power at any cost and the other want to be in power by doing anything.

The opposition strikes killed many people, destroyed assets, damaged so many things including the economy and government being in power killed the protesters like bird .Don’t know whether there would be a new medal for killing people “Hartal Uttam”.

But one thing the government missed which is calling hartal/strike by themselves though some pet party helped them but today they managed to have strike by their Shromik Bondhu man ,(Shromiker Jan Shajahan Khan ? !) and there is no bus on the street .

After 3 days opposition strike one working day and today be at home, don’t work don’t move .Is there anything left for us …

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ei number ta bortomane khali ache !

Most of the Bangladeshi is know with this sentence as we have to hear that over phone many times . This automated voice comes whenever any phone number is unreachable ,not functioning properly or  it’s not been assigned to any subscriber .

Today when I heard the high level Tele-discussion plan the first comment of mine that they may hear this sound which is not abnormal

But by evening when it really happened then my daughters who are also known to this sentence from Sesame street’s Bangla version participated with me on laughing !

Which country can give you such an state level entertainment ? !

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where is building code and why these death trap ?

Every time one incident of building collapse happens we are shaken with shock we talk then everything back into normal pace ! From Spectrum to Rana Plaza at saver all the time the prey is working class and mainly our garments workers.

Spectrum's owners are ally with the then government and Rana Plaza's owner is an activist of ruling party so same powerful people who bends and breaks the law as per their wish for their profit and ignoring all risk factors .

Is the fate of our garments workers is settled with a formation of enquiry committee and committing of  a pay cheque for which they have to for ages.

Why the building code is been formulated we don't know but these are useless to stop the death traps ? !

Friday, January 25, 2013

a different identity

We love to be a person of our dream and this is like a day dream to all of us ! It take us forward, it let us down, it storms our relationship , work , future even the change the person inside us . . .

In quest to find that whenever we feel our self in steady state we feel ashamed and in very few occasion feel delighted .We promise our self to be a normal/regular me but it exceeds us all the time .

We lie to us , we cheat us we become a dreamer of a dream not to be accomplished , 'shouldn't be accomplished dreams' are always interesting and make rooms inside us ,dominate us as we like to neutralise the daily toxin !

Should the wings of desire need to be trimmed for the right pace of life or need to be energised from the person with a different identity !