Friday, October 24, 2008

Election & Jamat e eslami

It's like a million rickshaw ringing their bells & sounds election election ! it is indeed a festival time for Bangladesh after two years of adhoc committee runned country .

But so much of acting & fake faces are becoming visible & the intellectuals as usual not making any sound as they are stake holders of all set games .

The mockery in the name of independence of judiciary already reached it's height of mockery !

Independent election commission is another big mockery & played by fantastic actors !

And government's desperate love for Jamat E Islami (so called US favorite fundamental party) reached it's height by not arresting their leader & meeting a wanted person at CA's secretariat !

Another biggest actor is the head of police with one thumb word with a colonial police law we cannot do anything ,yes we know that you even cannot suspend a officer in charge of a police station & can guard a wanted person ! shame on your projected honesty & heroic words !

If you don't understand anything then that's good for you & if you talk then you'll die or they will send you somewhere else but being silent is a great torture to the soul !

Why I'm doing that ? !

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