Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amar gyan amake keno mukto korena : Attokothon

If we read a lot ,think a lot, act a lot but fail to control one self in some area ,what we should call it ? the knowledge failed to make us that much human making that much controlled or liberal then I'm guilty of that charge .

No, I haven't done any domestic violence but failed to control myself when saw our first car was damaged badly because of the driver's negligence.I was instrumental with him . I couldn't sleep because of the guilt which I faced the next moment after doing that .

Today morning I offered him good medicine & inquired about health .Why I became an animal today morning at 0230 am ,was it because of tiredness or my consciousness was sleeping !

What is the use of going for a pilgrimage when I failed to treat a human as a human ? !

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Nuzhat said...

Everybody do some mistake in their life but neaver understand that.You proff yourself great by understanding what is wrong about you.Don't worry everything will be ok soon.We r praying for your early recovery.Inshallah u will be able to perform Hajj.