Sunday, November 1, 2009

U have right of expression but u just have to listen ...

Photo copyright : Wasfia Nazreen
If you live in a democratic nation then you own a right ,freedom of expressions but that right can be re-defined by the government whenever they want.

Our ministers in Bangladesh loves constructive criticism ,what is that ? according to them it will contain information of the corruption of his bureaucrats or other group which will help him to do more ...

But today we witnessed that we became a great friend of China our great friend of 1971 ! ? I don't know whether Dr.Moni ( Physician ) has any new info on that this is the first time our police is been used to safeguard the cho9nese communist party's interest .We ahven't forgotten that Bangabandhu's police killed students when they protested for Vietnam !

And today they stopped an exhibition on Tibet saying that they haven't taken permission & ignored the red eyes of the red flag ? !

Why government doesn't try to express our support to some who are fighting for their right ,let us raise our voice for the exhibition at DRIK

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