Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yu(Yunus)topia ! South Asian Union by 2030 ? !

On his dieing bed Stayajit Ray the greatest filmmaker of alternative gharana received the OSCAR saying " my life is fulfilled " that means he was waiting for the commercial cinema world's recognition .But that was on death bed ...

Our national IKON Dr.Yunus spoke on South Asian Union 2030 dream at joint session of Indian parliament after getting the Nobel ? !

When the Bengali race can leave this oiling culture or it is not in it's blood .I can do it being salesman but why he has to do that ?He believes in that even with harsh reality when the dry Padma even chnaging it's way ,when Tipaimukh is shutting it's mouth forever when in the name of Asian highway you're building a corridor when the Indian high commissioner commnet on local politics & intellectual when local assistant high commissioner writes a local bank for information & so many ..............

What happened with your tong ? bit rusted use some Neem pata to clear it dear respected Nobel Laureate .

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