Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A dead man before death ,Bhupen Hazarika

The man was an active member of IPTA (Indian People's Theater Association) which is directly driven by an objective of power for all and country with equity in terms social and economic venture in one word Communism .Elected as an MP on late sixties independently ,his song used to be the voice of the people who are oppressed by state mechanism and social elites .He lately rediscovered himself that he is nothing but a simple racist Hindu !

We used to sing his song to make our soul give a boost for secularism and equity and used to believe his words for the have-nots ! We were in a shock when in February 2004 he joined BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) a self declared racist organization and killer of people of other religion .He not only did that but adulate his famous song for Atal Behari Bajpaee ... ( o Ganga Boicho keno !)

If you want be an statesmen you had offer from INC ( Indian National Congress) at least a bit better than BJP in terms of equity which was your fight for all through your life .

You died to us on February 2004 and now just your remains left in November !

You shortened our sky of thought and let us down like anything ,sorry Bhupen Hazarika I'm not sorry on your news ...

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