Sunday, September 27, 2009

Learning from history !

It is been told by everybody that we should learn from history but do your statesmen care about that ? do our Prime Minister knows that she is putting her feet in old trap ? !

She is in a official tour to US & attaining official parties but following her predecessor she is accompanied by her son Joy at a program hosted by Mrs. Clinton & the man is even overshadowing our foreign minister .We have a question to ask does Joy hold any government position to be there even he is not the head of Al in US .

The bitter experience of living alone for more than year hasn't taught here anything ? Once Tajuddin told Bangabondhu after he created Bakshal that there should be way to dismiss anyone from a public position not similarly but there should be a way to behave after holding the highest public position .

Madam PM we want to see you better than before or history ...

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