Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Price High officaly sohonshil

From the week before the Roja (Ramadan) started price of all required product related with Roja is climbing like anything then our lip service minister came into the scene & as usual started talking like everything is under his control & he will show a magic .

What he did is known to everyone in the end of first week of he started saying that all prices came down form the index of 1st Roja (which was the highest ) & sohonsil (tolerable ) & this time our business community's man of leap service started singing the same song in return he is ensured by regular TV coverage in different shopping district .

Sohonsil kar jonno ? who can afford this price ? that is a big question as Roajar Eid menas lot of extra expenditure which is at least 4 times but including bonus a private /govt employee is getting 1.5 !

Where from a family head with his 1.5 time salary will face this when even a banana costs 5 taka & sugar is 50 taka ? Is the state mechanism encouraging them to be corrupt ? !

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