Sunday, October 10, 2010

Odvut Uter Pithe Cholche Swadesh...

We always plan & try to implement that in a day. And following that trend the bunch of intellectual of Caretaker Adviser separated the judiciary from executive branch & assigned them to handle billions of cases among them many are reject able during cognizance .But even though the judiciary is very interested to deal everything so what happened at the end of the day about 15 million cases are pending.

This situation drive the government mad so even the talented law minister ( not the magistrate court lawyer cum state minister !) is driven by a though of setting up arbitration court even for the criminal offenses .In a country where you’ll hardly find a spontaneous witness there a arbitration court for criminal offenses like killing will be handled.

Let us think it hypothetically that Mr. X is been killed by a Member of Parliament & the killer want to negotiate with money & by other means. How much money a lower middle class refuge / how much of threat a middle class can tolerate / how much of biased opinion of police a higher middle class can tolerate even how much threat a civil bureaucrat can tolerate & ultimately how a witness will handle the death threat ?

None of above we can think to let it happen! so let us request the government go for arbitration court for civil case but not for the criminal cases .Let us live in a livable Bangladesh.

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