Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who has sacrificed ? !

I was at cow market in early morning at Rampura Aftab Nagar as per them the biggest in Dhaka city .I have heard form one of my friend yesterday night that supply is more than demand & the traders are anticipating a great loss.

When I went to market it was quite early in the morning so the traders & cow owners have time to exchange some words with their morning Biri(loacal version of cigarette ) ,one trader told me that he paid half of the price to the cow owner when he brought the cow & he has no option to return the cow & money, the whole process will generate a loss of Tk.3000 (US$43) .He was telling me that he will try to enjoy his Eid with family but the market authority is not even allowing him to take his cow back .They ( mainly ruling party muscle man) told all traders that you cannot leave the place before 10 pm today whereas Eid is tomorrow

One of the cow owner when I enquired the price told me that even if he got -5000 taka (US$75) than his expected he will sell that as he promised so many things to family members & he would like to keep his words .

When we go to a cow market we love to win than others that means we want to buy cheap than others but today after listening to the comments & heavy breath it seemed to me that my cow for which I paid 33K haven't gave me comfort at all.33 is the pass mark in our exams so it raised on my mind whether I passed or I actually failed by sacrificing them for the sake of my symbolic sacrifice !

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mursalin said...

Meaning of sacrifice.....your this post is giving me to rethink about the whole system.