Sunday, October 23, 2011

jahara tomar bishaiche bayu...

the people who spoiled your life ...

My favorite poet and artist Rabindranath Tagore spotted many part of our life and tried to find answers and sometimes gave answers for us .The title of the blog is taken from his poem as to express today's blog that is the must choice !

In all religion dead body and dead person is been respected even though he is an enemy or dead body of the opposition during war .The so called civilized society made a covenant that how person need to be treated when arrested during war and what would be the honor of a dead body and we all signed !

A man who was dictator,killer and wanted to be in power all through his life must be charged for his offense no doubt but a part from being patriot he is a human being and from the religion identity he is a muslim !

In Quran and in Islam the honoring dead body is a must same is been said in Bible and in other Holy Books !

What we are doing now, we killed him( Inna Lilliahi o innalililahe rajeun) ,take out of his wearing ,thrown him on a floor and doing whatever we perverts can imagine for a day and then later on thrown him on container and waiting for the decision of GODOS !

NOW GODOS recommended postmortem so that is happening but due to late receiving of information what is future no one knows ...

I wish not to be a patriot ! Amen

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