Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bangladesh Electricity : for the rich ,by the POOR and of the rich

One of the very basic requirement for any civilized nation is energy or electricity and that you can enjoy without interruption if you can pay 4 times in Bangladesh ! A special feeder will supply you that and this plan is unfolded by PDB chief today as they are in final stage of proposing this to government for approval !

Like any other sector Bangladesh enjoyed very soft loan for generating and supplying electricity nationwide and got some big grants showing the huge number of poor people ! so the infrastructure were built in the name of the poor to serve the rich people !

In a country where people earn less than a US Dollar/day have to pay US$0.20/unit of electricity if he wants to have light in his room !

So for a month he nee the ability to pay US$12.6 which is 42% of his monthly income (Tk.907.20) for a light and a fan or buy a light a fan but he'll get 8 hours load shading !(power cut)

To whom we need to present this fact to stop this crazy plan !

Once Fedel Castro said in any so called democratic state a sensible person "either should be in jail or at lunatic asylum or on street " from that view I'm a NONSENSE and still living a happy life!

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