Friday, November 8, 2013

Everyone has right to practice democracy by awarding misery for people …

Both the ruling part and the opposition has one thing very common that one would like to be in power at any cost and the other want to be in power by doing anything.

The opposition strikes killed many people, destroyed assets, damaged so many things including the economy and government being in power killed the protesters like bird .Don’t know whether there would be a new medal for killing people “Hartal Uttam”.

But one thing the government missed which is calling hartal/strike by themselves though some pet party helped them but today they managed to have strike by their Shromik Bondhu man ,(Shromiker Jan Shajahan Khan ? !) and there is no bus on the street .

After 3 days opposition strike one working day and today be at home, don’t work don’t move .Is there anything left for us …

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