Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nero's guest

When Nero at Rome gave a party and used human flesh to lighten the party garden . It’s been told that those human bodies are of branded culprits and who got sentences !

All the historians are interested to know who were Nero’s guest as they are the people who shared the joy with Nero ! they were elites of Rome ,the senators ,the intellectuals (hired or can be hired at any rate !) and no doubt the Bourgeoisie civil society members

They must be delighted as those lights were been lit by convicted persons'(!) body but how we digest innocent body burning with music ,laughter & celebration ? ! I belive we are way ahead than Nero’s guests … 

Joyotu Bangladesh tui sotiyei bichitro !

P.S: I better be a Nero’s guest than a member of civil society of Bangladesh !

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Ahmed Abid said...

This situation reveals how middle class/ civil society are really a middle class can people could join music festival while people are dying ...the society has turned out to this and they do not know what would be their fate...i can see ultra consumerism how make the society boneless and make people vulnerable here in a best south east Asian society... wait they will get their reward... sorry I didn't want to write any single word until I could take action...however I'm here, can feel your mental situation...