Friday, September 2, 2011

Social event in gold rush era

It is becoming bigger and bigger the distance between people with more money and less money and a different ball game of running only for money is changing the psychographic profiles ! People like who would like to work hard to secure future (!) for me and the family is gradually becoming disconnected from being a part of any socialized event from the joy,love and warmth ,all becoming more routine . Surprisingly enough I can see and feel that we all start behaving more selfishly and indirectly drawing a line with a person's ability to spend and the wealth thy possesses or it is always there and I found now ! I think the strongest psycho of money economy is to make you feel normal with an abnormal life and expectancy . I believe that my non business activities are the parts which help me to be myself but many of us even don't dare to those part of them , what will happen to them tomorrow ? May be in a widely spoked Digital Bangladesh the process would be totally digitalized or be more commercialized in a package form. Thanks for all my digital friends to share their moments of Eid which gives hope that we are still we and would be we even going forward ... Rajshahi 02.09.2011

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