Friday, January 25, 2013

a different identity

We love to be a person of our dream and this is like a day dream to all of us ! It take us forward, it let us down, it storms our relationship , work , future even the change the person inside us . . .

In quest to find that whenever we feel our self in steady state we feel ashamed and in very few occasion feel delighted .We promise our self to be a normal/regular me but it exceeds us all the time .

We lie to us , we cheat us we become a dreamer of a dream not to be accomplished , 'shouldn't be accomplished dreams' are always interesting and make rooms inside us ,dominate us as we like to neutralise the daily toxin !

Should the wings of desire need to be trimmed for the right pace of life or need to be energised from the person with a different identity !

1 comment:

ayesha said...

Truth are not acceptable for those who are get into it! They only think about there day to days good feelings.....At the end of the day they realize that they are not achieve anything except a lot of pain and a disrespectful life!!!

PS: Better never get into it.....ha ha ha....