Sunday, January 20, 2013

a train a journey

When the train tries to go ahead make the journey possible the noise of the wheels sounds like it's not easy to take it forward. All journeys is consolidation of lot of efforts to make it moving and take it to the goal.I'm in a journey to my home town . . .

I'm in a different and difficult journey where the relationship need to be redefined .Can we redefine relationship or actually re position the persons according to our need for that time , that space or it's full of illusions of bondage !

The tensile strength of relationship cannot be measured with something so even if u want to be rude to pronounce that it might seem totally wrong the next moment .

When we start a family then we starts to live with different bondage, different relationship & priorities starts to act then at the very same moment conflict starts its journey !

The ignorance and non-acceptance make the chemistry more critical even after decades keep the wound as new as yesterday.  When someone tries to neglect that wound and try to act like authoritarian then the sleeping volcano explodes ! At that time whatever the things come it washes away, the definitions submerged with  soil that cannot be an expectation for the next mountain who is living together with today’s volcano, let the river flow and let the tree grow !

Now the mountain is praying for a peaceful coexistence .For him God is not blind like justice who only see through evidences ? !

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