Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the way back or going forward

Going back home is always exiting but when you are going back one home to another home with an unresolved situation then it's tough.

When I deep dyed my self into the problem which I thought is in the process of solution in course of time but actually that never happened .I shouldn’t take it for granted and waited idle.

I thought I'm to serve my goal rather felt my one in priority and handling need to be very technical rather straight .One of my nearest one phrased that my role need to be like bloating paper !

When you expects that your partner will accommodate all your needs and wants all through the life killing the own identity that is too much of expectations and dominance. A wife goes with those for the sake of starting initially then for the sake of harmony after that for the sake of children and later on when nothing to expect nothing to occupy own self then the mind covers with one thought why I have done these all long years! Oh my god my identity is no where and even my childrens don't have time for me !

When someone as a son has to face the reality that his mother doesn't want to stay with him or thinks that it would not be an wise decision. I was not bold enough to spend rest of her life with us considering the whole scenario .I couldn't sum up the discussion nor can came to a point by myself that how I can address the issue . . .

I tried to think as much as possible and came to a sort of status to do something that may come as icebreaker for the deadlock.

When Churchill lost the election even after leading the world during world war II he concentrated on painting quite religiously and didn’t gave up thinking that how ruthless the British voters to him ! so I'll also never never never give up !

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